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Developer: StationPlaylist
Requirements: None
Limitation: Not available
Operation system: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Price: $109
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Version: v4.31
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Satellite receivers, mixers, consoles) Advanced Options  . Check the checkboxes “Toggle Monitor” and “Mute Mixer”.

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Creator Pro works best with Studio Pro for a complete professional broadcasting solution. Our software provides many time saving features not found in broadcasting software 10 times the price. Live audio from microphones can be included just like a real radio station. These provide useful keyboard shortcuts for notifying you if a track introduction has already been stored, together with the ability to sort tracks in various ways.

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Before Cart Learn mode can be used however, you need to “teach” JAWS which file is associated with each keystroke. A visitor simply clicks the link which will load his default media player and play the stream. Rename and organize your music collection in a few clicks. [ ] [ ]  Your email address will be used only to send you the requested coupon code.

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After 2 runs through the track list, every track will have been selected twice. Unlike Categories, Spot Group items (tracks) may be selected sequentially in a specific order or alphabetical order.

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This is most suited to more professional installations or where the advanced features are required. Before you monitor for the end of an introduction to a song, you need to instruct JAWS how many seconds between 1 and 9 you would like to hear the warning. Also includes a Playlist Editor, Voice Tracking / recording, and much more. . .

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This method also requires up to 24 rotations for unique placements every hour. The option is entitled “JAWS will announce when the microphone status changes”. As with Voice Tracking (above), Voice Intro’s may also be overlapped with the beginning the of song when using Studio Pro for the playback automation software. However, if you wish to set a value, press the StationPlaylist Key then the letter K.

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Once you enter the serial number and code for Creator and Studio, the software will display an unlock window asking for an unlock key. Each of these fields contains three columns – “Hours”, “Minutes” and “Seconds”.

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Alternatively, if you have some experience, you may be able to copy the HTML code from this page and utilize it on your website. Following the pressing of the StationPlaylist key, if sounds are enabled you will hear a “beep” sound to indicate the key has been pressed. A duration only needs to be set for the satellite feed, not the commercial breaks. In most situations, the StationPlaylist Scripts can be activated using the Internet and, as a consequence, the StationPlaylist Scripts Authorisation File will be placed in your JAWS settings folder relative to the Windows account you are using.

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MP3 Disadvantages:Â Being the oldest codec, it produces the worst sound quality of all codecs. Ordinarily, when tracks are displayed, pressing Up and Down Arrow keys will cause JAWS to read the text on screen, usually the artist name (if it exists) and song title. Additional Braille-related special functions are described later in this document. AAC+ Disadvantages:Â Being the newest codec, there are less audio players that can play this stream format outside of Flash.